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Shyla Stylez Interview with Explore Sex!

Shyla Stylez
I spoke by phone 11/7/02 with Shyla Stylez (Amanda Friedman), a contract girl at Jill Kelly Productions. Ten days earlier, I'd received this press release about her: 

(BEVERLY HILLS, CA) -- Jill Kelly Productions chairman, Bob Friedland, announced to on Friday that he and company contract-performer, Shyla Stylez, were married on Wednesday, October 23rd, 2002 at the Beverly Hills based court house. The event was attended by a select group of individuals close to the two newlyweds. 

A more formal wedding ceremony and reception will be held in the coming months, orchestrated by Stylez, who recently moved into Friedland's home in the Hollywood Hills. 

"We just couldn't wait any longer," Friedland told in an exclusive interview. "I feel I'm very lucky to have her and she brings nothing but joy and happiness to my life." 

A honeymoon has been scheduled during the company's Thanksgiving vacation next month. 

Stylez first starring role under contract to JKP, "Killer Sex," directed by Skye Blue, was shot last week. Jill Kelly describes it as one of the "darkest" movies ever shot by the company. "We usually do cute, light-hearted productions, but we wanted this one to be a little evil, a little darker, just to do something different for a change," explains Kelly. The movie is set for a December 2002 release, just prior to Stylez's first appearance at The 2003 AVN Expo & Awards in Las Vegas, in early January 2003. 

Luke: "How did you get into it?" 

Shyla: "I'm from a small town in British Columbia. After high school, I moved to Vancouver. I was [posing naked] for some small internet things (performing for nude cams and posing for still pictures). They knew I'd wanted to start doing [porn] films since I was 17. I began dancing [naked] when I turned 18. I met [porn performer] Eric Everhard. I came to LA in August of 2000 and started working for Anabolic." 

Luke: "When you were in high school, were you thinking of getting into the adult industry?" 

Shyla giggles: "Yeah. There was this guy who turned me into a little bit of a freak. I had a sex aura around me. I could see that other people could see it to in the way that I got approached. I've always enjoyed being sexy." 

Luke: "What did your friends from high school think of you when you began doing this work?" 

Shyla: "I grew up in a small town. I moved away after high schoool to Vancouver. I do have some girlfriends and it is not anything that they would do. They support me in what I'm doing." 

Luke: "What were your first experiences like in the industry?" 

Shyla: "They were probably my best experiences. The first time I came to LA {August, 2000) was the first time I'd come to the United States. It was the first time that I'd done anything in this [video] business. So it was really nerve-racking and really exciting. I wondered what I was getting myself into. Did I really want to do this? I got here and everyone treated me great. I fell in love with it. I had fun." 

Luke: "How did you meet up with Jill Kelly?" 

Shyla: "A friend of mine knew her and set up an appointment. We talked. I did about five movies for her before I decided I wanted to sign up with her as a contract girl." 

Luke: "What do you like about being a contract girl?" 

Shyla: "I like that it adds some stability to your life. You know what you are going to be doing. There are no surprises when you get to a set. I like that. I like how much JKP do for their girls. I like that our opinions matter. They listen to what we have to say. We're all growing together." 

Luke: "What was your experience like on Killer Sex?" 

Shyla: "I enjoyed it. It was my first feature under JKP. It was more of a drama and that was a little hard for me because I like to be a little silly at times. I like to giggle and have fun most of the time. But it was great for acting experience. A lot of the time I wouldn't have any lines or anything but it would be so dramatic... It would be just the look on my face just to let people know what was going on in my mind. I played this crazy psychotic serial killer. The sex in the movie was hot and nasty." 

Luke: "Do you prefer working in gonzo or features?" 

Shyla: "I enjoy the sex in gonzo way more. It's much quicker and the sex is always much better. I love features because you get that whole glamorous look and I get to show off my acting. I'm trying to get the best of both worlds." 

Luke: "Where do you want to spend the rest of your life?" 

Shyla: "I don't think I want to be in either the US or Canada. After I retire and have kids and stuff, I want to be some place else. I want to be on an island somewhere in the sun. But until then, the majority of my time will be in America. It's great to go home but I was made for the USA. I love LA. I've been searching for something my entire life. I've moved around quite a few times. I was never content. I felt like I was searching for something. I think I found that here. When I came here, it was like a big weight had been lifted. It was like a big breath of fresh air." 

Luke: "Did you get breast implants?" 

Shyla: "I just got a second boob job. I was natural when I started in the business. I got my first breast job in January [2002]. They didn't do a good job on them. They were behind the muscle. If anyone watched any of my films [from this time], they could tell they were not very nice. I just got another one done in August and I'm much happier with these ones. They look natural. They hang better. They're soft. I love them. It took two times to get it right. 

"Before the implants, I was a 32B. Now I'm a D. There's no for sure size when you are a woman. They change. I'm 5'3"." 

Luke: "How long do you want to stay in the adult industry?" 

Shyla: "As long as I can keep giving it something. I set goals for myself. I'm going to keep going until I get to that point where I feel like there's nothing more I can do for it. It's like any job you work at. At some point down the road, you are going to feel that there's nothing more you can do in that area, so you move on to something else." 

Luke: "What do you love and hate about this industry?" 

Shyla: "I hate that it gets stereotyped so much and it's hard to meet people and be honest with what you do for a living because you never really know how people are going to react. With guys for instance, they think you are in real life the same way as you are on film. That's completely untrue. I'm not going to sleep with someone right away when I first meet them. 

"I love that there are so many ways to make money in this industry. It never gets boring. You are either doing a photo shoot or a signing or some kind of a commercial. There's taking care of the fans and making movies and dancing and your website. There's always something more to make money on and to strive for..." 

Luke: "How has your life changed being married?" 

Shyla: "I'm happier. It's made me a better person." 

Luke: "How long have you guys been together?" 

Shyla: "Since July." 

Luke: "Do you get recognized in public?" 

Shyla: "Not yet. I'm waiting for that first person to come up, 'Are you Shyla Stylez?' It will be a neat experience." 

Luke: "How many movies have you made?" 

Shyla: "About 40." 

Luke: "How old were you when you lost your virginity?" 

Shyla: "Fourteen. It was with my boyfriend." 

Luke: "Was it a good experience?" 

Shyla: "Not particularly. I had many other great experiences throughout my teenage life." 

Luke: "Do you think 14 is too young?" 

Shyla: "I think I was but I don't have any regrets. It's made me the person I am today. If a 14-year old came up to me today and said she was having sex, I would definitely look at her as too young. But it was great for me."

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